Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Bees and Hedgehogs)

Nothing as out of the ordinary as head banging flies this week.
Just busy bees working hard on slippery Hibiscus flowers as they strive to reach the nectar right at the bottom and becoming covered in pollen in the process...  (Taken with the Lumix TZ7 about three inches from the flowers)

... and a mix of video and stills of the visiting Hedgehogs. For a while visits were down to one hog visiting just once each night but activity is increasing again. No Sumo wrestling seen recently as the hogs arrive at different times.

My grateful thanks to Adrian, Keith, Frank and The Wessex Reiver who all identified my dark coloured damselfly as a female Common Blue. That is quite exciting as I know the Blue-tailed Damselflies are breeding in my pond and it would be great to see a second variety become established.


  1. John thought you had forgotten it was Friday, no not as good as dancing flies but that will take some beating.
    The Bees are good, they don't usually hang around that long.

  2. It seems to depend on the variety of bumblebee Adrian. These large ones spend ages on each flower but others nip in and out in a second or so. It will be very hard to beat the head banging fly ;)

  3. The bees love those flowers don't they.
    Nice video John.

  4. A great plant to encourage these industrious fellows...well shot John.


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