Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Ladybird, Noisy Magpie, Magpie V Collared Dove)

I couldn't resist taking a short piece of video as this 7 spot ladybird scurried about looking for food.

A few days ago a juvenile Magpie was making its mind up whether to visit the suet ball feeder. As usual it was either calling or just chattering away to itself.

Not very sharp as a spider keeps building a web in front of this video camera but it was interesting to watch the actions of a juvenile Magpie and a Collared Dove as they sorted out who was master of the ground feeder.Love to watch the dove puff itself up to look larger. The doves and pigeons are not very good at sharing unlike many other bird species which visit the garden.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. Once again it's the ladybird that steals the show. I never would have thought insects could be so entertaining until you started posting them.

  2. Hello Adrian. I am finding more and more that the little creatures are just as fascinating as the large ones. Most of the time we notice they are there but it needs a close view to see what they are up to.

  3. What an amazing range of sounds that juvenile magpie was making. I've only ever heard that argumentative rasping, but here there were lots of quieter chirps and vocalizations. I wonder..if it was talking to itself, what would it be saying?

  4. Hello Matron. They are just like the Starlings in the way they often quietly chatter away to themselves, or maybe mutter and grumble about the quality of the free nosh ;)

  5. I would never have guessed that the dove could chase a magpie away. If the magpie ever figures how much BIGGER it is than the dove, the dove will be in serious trouble! ;-)

  6. Fascinating videos again John.
    The dove and magpie stand off was entertaining; be so much easier if they just shared.
    But for me the chattering Magpie is a show stealer. Like Matron, I wonder just what he was saying.

  7. A real battle of wills, Wilma. The Magpie is quite young and probably not too sure of itself yet.

  8. Thank you Keith. The Magpies are real characters, aren't they? Always entertaining and full of surprises. I wonder if they quietly chunter away to themselves while they are thinking what to do next.


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