Monday, 23 August 2010

On a Lily Pad

There were quite a few of the pond skaters resting on the lily pads in the pond. Here one is resting near a female damselfly both making the most of the sunshine after the previous nights tropical downpour.

Pond Skater and Female Damselfly

Although the damselfly occasionally flew to different leaves at one stage it stayed still and allowed me to get the TZ7 within three inches of it for a close up shot.

Female Damselfly

I wondered how the damselflies had managed to find enough shelter as, at one stage, the rain was hitting the roof of the shed and greenhouse so hard it was bouncing up about eighteen inches and looked like steam rising. We both had our waterproofs on for early morning walkies but at the moment it is not too bad


  1. Heavy rain here last night too John.
    It does make you wonder how some of our smaller and more delicate insects survive such downpours.

  2. The North East had superb weather yesterday. You have posed yet another mystery where do they go? Someone must know.
    Up here the rain has just started but it's just rain.
    I'm amazed we haven't had a drought.
    The TZ7 is an amazing bit of kit or well handled.

  3. Hello Keith. Looks like the worst of the rain was all round us this morning but so far we have had about 1/2inch.

    I can see how the smallest insects can find crevices to crawl into but dragons and damsels are a different kettle of fish.

  4. I think you travelled in the right direction this time Adrian.

    As for the TZ7 I would like to say it was both but in reality it is an amazing bit of kit, just point and shoot most of the time.

  5. Terrific closeups! Very obliging of the damselfly to stay put for her time in the sun. The lily pad is a vivid verdant backdrop. Also really enjoyed seeing your birds yesterday. That setup really worked well! Your photos are so clear :)

  6. Thank you Glo. The damsels are usually more patient than the dragons and will often let me close. In fact they often come to inspect me and the camera.


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