Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

This one was spotted last Saturday morning warming itself in the early morning sunshine.

Small Tortoiseshell
 Aglais urticae

Bit of an allsorts day yesterday, weather-wise. At one stage it was pouring with rain but the front garden was bathed in brilliant sunshine while a few miles to the south I could hear a thunderstorm. Here we had about 3/4 inch of rain but looking at the met office maps during the day we were lucky as much heavier rainfall was shown in most of the surrounding areas.

On the Hedgehog front I am puzzled as to what has happened to the locals. Not one has been seen in the feeding area for the past 7 nights. The activity had started to pick up after a short lull and then suddenly stopped.


  1. Beautiful tortoiseshell butterfly, you have those colours beautifully. All I seem to get recently is cabbage whites! grrr

  2. Hope the hogs make an appearance soon!

  3. Thank you Matron. Not many tortoiseshells here so far this year though there are plenty of whites.

  4. So do I Wilma. They were such regular visitors it is quite worrying when they suddenly stop appearing.


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