Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wings Over the Garden Pond

I don't know why but I am surprised every time I see a bee visit the flowers on the water lilies. So far I haven't managed a good photo of one but there are also plenty of hover flies visiting:

Hoverflies on Pond Lily

A daily visitor at the moment is a Common Darter Dragonfly, at least I assume it is the same one which comes looking for a meal.

Common Darter

Yesterday I thought I was going to manage a photo and possibly some video of the Blue-tailed Damselflies mating. There were a couple which spent a good quarter of an hour gradually getting closer to each other, finally ending up on the same perch. (not the best of photos, sorry)

Blue-tailed Damselflies 1

When they got round to arching their bodies and looked as though the event was about to happen up turns a second female which tried to join in on the act. Unfortunately that was the end of that - for a while anyway.

Blue-tailed Damselflies

All three flew off in different directions and as I had visitors arrive I didn't see the damselflies again.


  1. Superb shots. I think you will have to wait for cooler weather for a good bee shot. They are quicker than they look.

  2. Thank you Adrian. The main problem with the bees is that they disappear right inside the flowers and I can't see in that far, not from ground level anyway.

  3. Your pond life is fascinating! Such an interesting ecosystem ~ and your photos are so clear and detailed. The photos of Carling Star and her mother were super as well.

  4. Thank you Glo. I am really pleased with the way the pond has established itself over the past few years, especially as it is so shallow. That may be what the local wildlife requires.

    It was originally built for testing small radio control boats but that idea went by the board so I put some plants in it. Now it is a constant source of interest to me.

  5. Good to see the pond is producing some interesting wildlife visitors John. Mating Damsels certainly run a few risks, not least from their own kind.

  6. Excellent shot of the dragon John, and the 3 damsels together, is a good catch.
    Certainly got a busy pond.

  7. Hello Frank. Yes the pond get a bit more active each year. I have often seen the males chasing each other about.

  8. Thank you Keith. It was nice to get the three damsels close together. The pond gets a bit busier each year.

  9. I agree with everyone above John. It is an absolute treat for me to see the varied wildlife that visits your pond. Great photos of it too :-)

  10. Hello shirl. It is nice to keep finding so many different forms of life to observe. Even nicer to be able to share them. Makes being in my second childhood even more wondrous than it was first time round ;)


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