Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday at the Flicks - Jackdaws, Wood Pigeon on Ice, More White Stuff

It is only in the last few days that the Jackdaws have returned to the garden looking for food much to the annoyance of the Wood Pigeons as they cannot be scared away by a few flapping wings.

When the temperature rose above freezing for a while this Wood Pigeon went walkabout on the surface of my frozen garden pond and seemed to be drinking from the occasional pool of rain water.

By early yesterday afternoon the last of the ice on the village pavements had melted but that didn't last for long as a new batch of snow arrived, the temperature dropped again and now everywhere in the village is a skating rink.

As I write this I see the Great Tit has made an early start and left the shelter of the nest box which it continues to use every night and often visits during the day. Do remember to put out food for the birds especially during this cold weather. When I was listening to the radio a few mornings ago when they were discussing bird survival in severe weather it was stated that small birds can lose a third of their body weight just keeping warm on one cold night. This has to be made up by finding enough food before the next night. It goes without saying that water is also hard to find in freezing conditions so do keep an eye on bird baths as they quickly freeze over.

I forgot to fill the feeders yesterday evening so did that as soon as we got back from our early morning walk. Some Blackbirds had already arrived (about 7.20 a.m.) and were cursing me for disturbing them. Shortly after I had finished topping the feeders up and scattering seed on the ground I counted twenty four Blackbirds in the back garden - enough for a pie according to the nursery rhyme.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you, whatever the weather.


  1. Another excellent Friday, thanks. Lovely birds are Jackdaws.

  2. Thank you Adrian. It is always a pleasure to watch the Jackdaws - they always seem to me to be the spivs of the bird world, always ducking and diving.

  3. I love your website, so informative and lovely pictures.

  4. Great videos John, and so good to see such a variety enjoying the food you provide.
    24 Blackbirds! A great sight to see so many.

  5. Ben_The_Dog: Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment.

  6. Thank you Keith. Difficult to find subjects to film in the present weather conditions. During the milder spell there was a drop in Blackbird numbers visiting but they were back with a vengeance this morning.


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