Friday, 3 December 2010

Front Garden by Night and by Day + External Robin Video Link

We may well be at the end of the present batch of snow showers but with this morning's temperature dipping down to -8C it will be a while before it disappears completely.

This is my front garden as photographed a couple of nights ago:

Snowy Garden

And the view this morning:

Snowy Garden 2

In this part of the country we expect to see views like that once every few years in February, not the beginning of December.

There is a photographer who goes under the name GoldfinchGarden on YouTube who has some really great bird videos. This morning he sent me a link to his latest - a slow motion close up video clip of two Robins feeding from a hand, though not at the same time as there was a bit of an argument as to who would get the seed. It's not over violent and well worth viewing. The video can be found HERE.


  1. Yes I think its around for a while yet John.

  2. He certainly got the most out of that video clip. Not up to your standard. You keep warm.

  3. That's a lot more snow than I've had John.

  4. I really likes the slow motion Adrian. That video camera takes fairly low quality video when it is running at hundreds of frames per second. It was a great piece of Robin action though.

  5. Yet ours is a lot less than some Keith. Pavements are getting very awkward to walk on now as the uneven trampled snow freezes solid.

  6. Brrrrr. It looks pretty both night and day, but know the hazards involved! Great action shot of Bobby on a previous post ~ Winter certainly has a grip over there! Enjoyed looking at the slow-motion robin video, too. Hope you're keeping warm and cosy.

  7. Hello again, John. I agree with you on both the snow and video. You have a good covering there with you.

    We’ve a lot of snow here too but as you say other areas are way worse than us. We have fog this morning to add to the mix. Although it is minus 3, as I write this, at some point last night it has to have been warmer as some branches of trees and shrubs are without snow now. Yippee :-)

    Thanks for the link to the Robin video by GoldfinchGarden. I agree with you, uploads are tricky with slow footage like that but well worth showing to see this behaviour. Fascinating!

    Not so fascinating here (as I wrote a comment in your most recent post) through the camera in Hedgehog Manor I do believe I have just seen a female Chaffinch die.

    As the Starlings, Blackbirds and Robin came in for food it had moved around slowly towards corners. It didn’t look particularly puffed up to suggest tricho. It is slightly out of view now being behind two fat balls but the way it rolled about, slowly flapping and stretching out its wings I’d say that was its last breaths. Other birds were stopping to look at it too. Now they are feeding normally. I wonder if it is a casualty of winter cold.

    I’m going out now to trek down to our Supermarket. I guess I should take a closer look and remove it. Never like that part. This is a first for my gardenwatching. I hope it’s the last time I see this too.

  8. Yes Glo. It always looks pretty until you have to move through it. Lots of icy pavements (sidewalks?) around the village. Not even officially Winter yet either.
    Definitely warm and cosy indoors. Had a new gas fire installed this year and it is earning its keep.

  9. I'm pleased you enjoyed the Robin video. I found the dive bombing tactic very interesting.

    It is awful seeing any wildlife suffer. I saw that behaviour several times last year and felt so helpless.

    Sainsbury is out of favour with me. Twice they have cancelled my delivery. First time was reasonable as even the main roads were impassable but yesterday (Sunday) would have been no problem. I hope Asda manage to deliver on Wednesday.


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