Monday, 13 December 2010

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Last week's puzzle picture was definitely of ice - but where or what? In fact it was a very close view of an icicle. The 'veins' were probably the frozen trails of water drops running down the surface of the icicle. I though they made a fascinating pattern. No one thought of an icicle so I am going to claim the gold star again this week. Wicked aren't I?

Brrrrr   Icicle 2

Here is the new puzzle picture taken though the microscope - answer next Monday.


Clue:  A embryonic ray of sunshine waiting to burst forth next Summer.
No prizes - just for fun.

Ultrasound scan, x-ray and blood tests over with this morning. Full results on my yearly meeting on the 29th but the ultrasound radiologist gave me a reasonable running commentary so at least I know nothing has changed there. That is exactly what I want to hear each year..


  1. Congratulations on your health. I can see another gold star for you unless inspiration strikes.

  2. Good news on the health John.

    Now, a wild guess here; a chrysalis?

  3. Good to hear you have your yearly exam over with and hopefully results will be great! Of course you do deserve the gold star for last weeks icicle and fun to find out what kind of ice it was!

    My guess for this week is a close up of the outer coating of a sunflower seed :)

  4. Good to hear the tests etc. were possitive news John. Sorry no inspiration yet on the quiz!!

  5. Definitely the shell of a striped sunflower seed.

    and yes, you are wicked! ;-)

    hope the rest of your test results are good.



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