Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snowy Weather at the Birdy Bistro (Belated Friday at the Flicks)

Another senior moment, or is that senior week these days? My body clock seems to be running a day late - blame it on the snow. That slows everything down. Anyway - over the past week I have been taking snippets of video of some of the regulars visiting the garden during this unusually early cold period.

Woke up this morning and was more than a little surprised to see we had had over an inch of additional snow over night. At least it was easier to walk on than the uneven solid ice on the footpaths yesterday. Ice spikes may well give a grip but uneven lumps of frozen snow play havoc with the ankle and knee joints. One good thing at the moment - the temperature is +1.3C and even the icicles have shrunk overnight though I have a feeling it will soon be back below zero.

How do ducks keep their feet warm on frozen ground? A lady got in touch with my local radio station yesterday. She said her ducks settled down on the ground and then tucked their feet up under their wings.
Not daft are they?


  1. You should have kept quiet John I assumed the Robin was Fridays Flicks

  2. Good Morning, John. Delighted to hear your it’s getting above zero with you. Your pavements will be a bit easier for you now. I can’t imagine what it must be like for Bobby’s feet on icy ground.

    Ah… I came by looking for videos yesterday :-) I enjoyed seeing all your birds feeding in the snow for your Special 'Saturday Matinee'... that's the way you should have sold it ;-)

    I am missing taking videos at the moment. The Woodpigeons do look funny in the deep snow don’t you think? I always think the longer tails of the Blackbirds are a disadvantage in snow and the Starlings with their shorter tails have an easier time of it.

    Love to see your Tree Sparrows again. I’m keeping an eye out for them here. For the moment we’ve large groups Chaffinches,
    Goldfinches and Starlings. House Sparrows are there too but I guess there needs to be a bigger group to bring in the Tree Sparrows. Did you spot in my last post that we have Bramblings visiting this week? That’s a first and I was thrilled :-D

    Catching up on your previous posts, I can see you’ve had a lot of snow in your garden too. Like your Christmas Market so many events are getting cancelled just now. I feel sorry for the people that have been organising and rehearsing for months.
    Keep safe and warm this Weekend :-)

  3. I bet those birds are very grateful for that food John. A lot of snow you've got there.

  4. How fortunate for your birds that you have such a terrific variety of food for them. They all look like they are glad of it! Ever since the raccoon trashed my main bird feeder, I have just hung out some suet/seed blocks. There's no snow here at present, but it is chilly nonetheless! Nice to see Bobby in the snow, too :) Interesting about the ducks tucking their legs under their wings.

  5. It was the Robin video which threw me Adrian - well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

  6. Hello Shirl - humph! not above zero for long. -6 last night and below that already tonight. Poor old Bobby's joints are suffering as he slithers on uneven icy pavements.

    Ther seem to be dozens of Chaffinches here as well. Many more than usual and at twilight this morning there were 8 blackbirds finding the seed I had scattered just before dark yesterday.

    Great that you have had Brambling. I have only had one a while ago.

    Pretty safe here, and always warm.

  7. Hello Glo. The seed has been disappearing very quickly these past few days. I have just ordered another 20Kg which should last until the new year if I am lucky. I am surprised some of the visitors can fly they eat so much ;)

    With luck we may get a thaw this coming weekend but I don't think it will last for long.


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