Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Common Gull, Bathing Blackbird

I often see gulls flying around the village but rarely see one land. This Common Gull rested for a while on top of the telegraph pole just past the end of my garden. Gulls often seem to stand on one leg but I had a feeling by the way this one was standing it may have injured its left leg.

If I lean over the kitchen work surface I can just see the pond waterfall. The other day a Blackbird was having a good old wash and brush up.

Still on the subject of Blackbirds - they spend a lot of their time looking under every stone and searching every crevice to find food. It ends up with moss and gravel being thrown all over the garden.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. Its amazing how injured birds carry on with their life quite well John.

  2. Great videos again.
    That gull certainly does look injured.

  3. Agreeing about the gull. It doesn't look worse for wear though; seems very alert. One clean Blackbird coming up! Very thorough :) I enjoy watching the birds flipping dead leaves and moss looking for tasty morsels, but not so sure I'd like pebbles strewn about...maybe I better go back to the Monday Guess what post ;)

  4. Hello Roy. I think most animals just get on with life as best they can when they are injured.

  5. Thank you Keith. The foot looked very 'floppy' to me. Normally it would be tucked up out of sight.

  6. Hello Glo. The gull flew in and off again quite normally so there was not much else wrong with it.

    The Blackbirds can be very destructive around spring flowers such as primulas and crocus as they pull them, apart looking for insects and grubs. They even dig up shallow planted bulbs in their enthusiasm.


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