Monday, 31 January 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What + Nest Box Update

No fooling people last Monday with Adrian, Jan, Keith, Frank, Glo and Wilma each deserving a gold star for the correct identification of an apple pip / seed. What surprised me was how hairy it looked close up.

rectangle_New-Out99999  P1020054

Let's see how well you folk get on with this week's puzzle picture.


Clue: No use putting the chip pan on..

No prizes. Just for fun.


The Great Tit continues to use the box as a roost every night. Several visits are made during the day and occasionally her partner joins her inside for very brief periods. Things are definitely looking up for it being a nesting site in the Spring.

A snapshot from the video camera in the roof of the box.
Great Tits in the Nest Box


  1. I really haven't a clue but will go with a rotten potato is that a grub top right?

  2. Aha! So here I am at unearthly hour o'clock staring at the photo thinking it looks like imprints of a boot or shoe. Hmmm, but what's that got to do with the chip pan? Could it be dried frozen fish skin? So I'm just about to give up,turn off the computer, and head to bed, when it hits me "Sole"... so back I come to the first thought of Imprints in the crispy ground from the Sole of a Boot or Shoe.

    If it isn't correct, then I'll blame it on the time; if it is correct, then I'm brilliant (and modest) ;)

  3. PS Lovely that the pair birds are nestling in together and that hope springs eternal.

  4. Hi John, I'm still struggling to keep up :( I have just read and enjoyed the posts I missed and it was nice to see the Stock Doves, I have only ever seen one in my garden and only very occasionally.

    Well done on the Big Garden Birdwatch. I did mine on Saturday and was glad I had as there must have been a Sparrowhawk around here on Sunday, there weren't many birds at all! I thought I saw a Tree Sparrow during my count but it was too brief to be sure so couldn't include it.

    Now the mystery Monday macro! If you hadn't given the clue you did last week I doubt I would have got it and if you hadn't told us it wasn't a Coconut that is probably what I would have guessed.My first thought for today's was tree bark then on reading the clue I wondered about an old wrinkled potato but I am continuing along the lines of my first thought and wondering about a piece of bark chipping.

    Things are definitely looking hopeful for your nest box :)

  5. I reckon a mouldy spud lol

    Those Great Tits look very comfortable John.
    I think you'll get some excellent video and stills when they rear some young.
    Looking forward to that.

  6. Great to see your Great tit pair visiting together John, looking very positive indeed. As for the macro, I'll go with Glo (sole) and say you're playing with words here. Then again a foostie tattie looks likely too ;-)

  7. I think you got a rock instead of a tater...

    Great activity in the nest box!


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