Monday, 3 January 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

What an excellent end to the 2010 season of puzzle pictures. Four people made a guess and all were correct. Gold stars to Glo, Adrian, Keith and Wilma who all worked out that it was a stopwatch.

2   P1010981

Now on to the first puzzle picture for 2011. This is about 40x magnification taken through the microscope built up with 12 shots processed using CombineZP.


Clue: Not really one of Felix's relatives.

Have fun puzzling it out. No prizes, just your name in lights if correctly identified.

Blackbirds: During the few days the temperature was above zero the number of visiting early morning Blackbirds had fallen but this morning there were more than ever. I counted 33 (yes thirty-three) and there could have been a few more in the shadows as it was only just getting light at the time. Makes me wonder just how many there are in the village. My garden seems to have become the village birdy seed kitchen. Also visiting were about six Rooks and a similar number of Jackdaws.


  1. The picture has me stumped this week John.

    But, 33 Blackbirds! That's an incredible ammount. They must be coming in from the surrounding villages lol

  2. The underside of a cat briar leaf is my guess for this week's photo.

    A sad story that may not have made the news in the UK -- in Arkansas more than 3000 of our redwinged blackbirds fell out of the sky dead. There is speculation that they suffered trauma from hail, but autopsy reports have been released yet. Very strange and sad.

  3. Hello Wilma. The sad story about your redwing blackbirds has been on the news over here. It is very puzzling as to why so many died at the same time. There was also a report of a lot of fish suffering the same fate.

  4. Hello Keith. I was staggered by the numbers, there will soon be more Blackbird than grass.

  5. We all did a great job guessing last week's puzzle, but this week...hmmmmm.

    I think I need the 20 question option ;)

    Is it edible?

  6. PS I forget to mention that seeing at least 33 blackbirds in the garden would be a shocker!


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