Monday, 10 January 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

A full house for the end of last year but unfortunately a resounding zero for the start of 2011. The clue: Felix was referring to the cartoon character Felix the cat. Kin is another word for relative - hence it was a close view of a catkin. This one was from my corkscrew hazel bush.

rectangle_New-Out99998 P1010986

Now for something a little different - not a what is it but a who done it.
A few years ago I laid some concrete outside my greenhouse but I got the mixture a bit too sandy. Last winter the ice started to crack it but something else decided to join in the demolition job. Can you guess what?


No prizes - just for fun.


  1. Perhaps a mischievous white four legged friend John.

  2. I'm guessing Roy could be right here lol

  3. Pigeons after grit for their crops........destructive wee devils.

  4. Some bird to get grit for its gizzard. I will say crows because I see them doing something similar where I park at work.

    I got the "cat" part of your clue last week, but could only think of cat briar. :-( You are far too clever for me with the "kin" part of the clue!

  5. Hi John ~ Well, imagine that, Harzel has an English cousin! Believe it or not 'catkin' crossed my mind because of Felix, but I couldn't understand how you'd have one at this time of year...just goes to show, I should have given it a shot! There are no catkins visible on mine!

    Since we have different kinds of critters wandering in our gardens, I don't really know what could be digging in your photo of this week. Both guesses above sound very plausible...I think I'll go with the pigeons, though.

  6. My money's on Bobby digging for bones!

  7. Hello Glo. The catkins are produced near the end of the summer and stay tightly closed right through the winter.


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