Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Nestbox, Ripe Berries, Ladybird

I think the Great Tit had better make its mind up about using the nest box as a nesting site as it is not the only one interested. A few days ago I happened to catch sight of a Blue Tit in there. Luck must have been on its side as a minute after it had left the Great Tit arrived.

I had often wondered why there were so many berries left on plants, especially after a harsh Winter. I can only assume they were not ripe enough. It would appear that they are in just the right condition now as a Female Blackbird and a Wood Pigeon were seen helping themselves.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The afternoon temperature just topped 14C.
It would seem Spring may not be too far away. Not only have more birds been singing and the local Hedgehog getting up and about but I also spied this seven spot ladybird on the move from its winter shelter. The video is a bit wobbly as it was taken hand held with the Lumix TZ7. Seeing it close up was the first time I had noticed little things like the order it moves its legs when walking.

That's it for another week. Have a great time observing the wildlife around you.


  1. I was just putting my 12 photos together for February's Scavenger Hunt, when I noticed the Friday Flicks were up :)

    Interesting visit to the nestbox by the bluetit ~ looks like you could open a Birdy Bunkhouse with a few extra rooms. It's fascinating to watch their behaviour inside, something not often seen. Anticipating more :)

    Now that the berries have been 'winterized' perhaps they are like the grapes used for ice wine. Good to see the birds eating nature's provisions.

    Quite fascinating watching the ladybug legs move along, you're right.

    How lovely to have enjoyed a 14C day!

    OK, off to dreamland after watching the movies :)

  2. I have a couple of photos to take yet Glo.

    I was pleased the two birds didn't meet as I have seen how well the Great Tit can defend its territory and the Blue Tit wouldn't have stood a chance.

    It is pleasing that, in spite of all the free food at the Birdy Bistro, they still go for natural food which must be better for them.

    It was great not to have to wear my heaviest Winter coat when we walked to the post office in the next village yesterday. (That is not as far as it sounds. Probably 3/4 mile round trip) After his tea Bobby slept right through until bedtime.

    Sweet dreams.

  3. Great Friday flicks John, I enjoyed them all. Intriguing that the box has had another viewer, it will be interesting to see who eventually makes it their home.

    I agree, it is nice to see the birds enjoying 'natural' food, I often wonder if they will forget how to with all the feeding we do nowadays :)

    So good to see the Hedgehog on video on the previous post, a very positive sign that the year is moving on :)

  4. Thank you Jan. I don't fancy the Blue Tit's chances of gazumping the Great Tits.

  5. Hi John, It was an extremely Spring-like day yesterday, although I think it can be put on hold for a bit as we are expecting frosts at the weekend and early next week!
    I haven`t seen much activity in my nest boxes yet, but I have seen plenty of active ladybirds and saw my first bee of the year yesterday, with my wife seeing a Tortoiseshell butterfly!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  6. Glad I saw this the Ladybird is a cracker.
    PS. Thanks for your help I have published a is just a dog settling for a sleep but I did it in scene line. Time line does look quicker but I've not sussed it were right a hell of a learning curve. I'll shoot some tomorrow. I'll spend a week swearing and pop one on my blog..hopefully. Thanks again.

  7. Enjoyed the videos John.
    The Blackbird certainly looked to be savouring those berries lol

  8. Hello John. I think our taste of Spring to come was but a brief glitch in the cold weather. Wet and much cooler today. Haven't seen any flutters but they seem to be much later showing here. I have seen the occasional bumble bee during the month.

  9. Thank you Adrian. You should have seen the first attempt - talk about sea sickness ;)

    Pleased you are getting somewhere with the video side of things. I don't think the Micro$oft pgm is the easiest to get to grips with. Not so versatile for titling there is one I have tried from time to time - VideoPad. There is a trial version which has most facilities of the paid version. It can be found at:
    It is easier to clip your pieces of video and has a useful crop feature, amongst others.

  10. Pleased you enjoyed them Keith. I like to see that the birds still eat their 'natural' food as well as all the free samples at the Birdy Bistro.


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