Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Tree Sparrow, Preening Doves, Great Tit Nest Box

When the single Tree Sparrow appeared during the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch I was able to take this piece of video:

During the week I spotted this pair of Collared Doves preening each other - won't be long before they are breeding again.

Finally some short clips of occasions when both Great Tits are in the nest box. These visits occur most days and are very brief.

 It ended up a bit on the breezy side last night. It was a good job I checked some of my older fence panels as one was bending alarmingly in the strong gusts and threatening to disintegrate at any time. Fortunately I was able to brace it against the wind and thankfully it is still there this morning though it needs some bodging (repair). Our winds didn't compare with those experienced in parts of Australia recently but still enough to bring some branches down in the village.

The maximum gusts in mph as recorded by my weather centre over the past 24 hours.
Wind 3_4 Feb 2011

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw that the temperature was a very respectable 11C at 7 a.m.. Long may it stay that way.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. Glad i caught this before I hit the road. The tree sparrow is a beauty and the nest box looks like being home to chicks.
    Was a tad windy last night and looks to be worse this afternoon.

  2. Really enjoyed these videos John.
    Especially liked the one of the Collared Doves.

  3. The wind is vicious here too John. Lovely to see the Tree Sparrow, I think I had one during my count too but it was on a feeder at the far end of the garden and was gone before I could be sure so couldn't register it, I shall be keeping a closer look out though!

    The doves looked very sweet, not sure I would have liked that beak so near my eye though :)

  4. It is starting to get pretty exciting again in your backyard!

  5. Hello Adrian. It seems so strangely quiet today without the wind = plenty of fine rain taking its place.

  6. Glad you liked them Keith. The Collared Doves always put on a good performance. lol

  7. Thank goodness the wind has dropped again now Jan. It was really howling through the local trees. Tree Sparrows seem to pop in briefly from time to time. It's pot luck to actually spot them.

    I've seen that pecking right next to the eyes in the past, makes me cringe every time.

  8. A bit of warmer weather seems to get the local wildlife more active Wilma.

  9. Brilliant videos, hope the great tits settle in the box.


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