Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hedgehog Visit

After many trials and tribulations I managed to set up a temporary recorder to catch any action last night. I put out some crushed unsalted peanuts in case the Hedgehog went walkabout. The recorder managed to capture one reasonable piece of video.

Looks like I had better give the camera a wash and brush up as it has been out in all weathers over the winter. In case you are wondering the clip starts with a still frame from the video. Also I need to re-route the cables so I can use my normal recorder as it is easier to operate.


  1. He looks quite a big one John.
    I'm glad it's turned milder; let's hope it continues.

  2. Aha! You have him in view. He does indeed look rather large, and obviously knows where you keep the food, and you do recognize him from last year. I hope your good weather continues and that you don't have any more trials and tribulations :)

  3. Hello Keith. Yesterday was a glorious day for the time of year. We deserve more like that after so many dark cold days.

  4. Hello Glo. He / she was about again last night and at least I know it can find food to make up the weight loss after a period of hibernation.

    A few trials and tribulations re-routing the camera cables but all done now and the camera has a clear shiny front again!

  5. John, I was going to enquire where the hedgehogs were..they seem late this year.

  6. This one is a bit on the early side Adrian. I was surprised to see it about when the temperature was hovering round 3C day and night.


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