Thursday, 17 February 2011

Possible Aurora Tonight

I see from the BBC News site that there is a possibility of an aurora tonight as the Sun sent out a massive solar flare in our direction. Unfortunately the amount of cloud over the UK at the moment could make any sighting impossible.

BBC report is HERE.

17.17 GMT  Aurorawatch have just issued an Amber Alert for possible aurora activity but their site is showing little activity at the moment. The site can be found HERE.


  1. Not seen any sky today John, only grey nothing.

  2. Same here Roy. Cloudy all day, misty this morning and again this evening.

  3. Fascinating links, John. I had taken my moon aura photo last night without knowing about this. Cloudy today here though, even had some sleety rain! However farther south on the island, the sun is shining, according to my brother.

  4. Gosh, and to think this time last year I was up in Tromso watching the Northern Lights. So much depends on the cloud cover over here! It is spectacular and worth travelling to see.

  5. There are some very interesting sites about Glo. I think the aurora was seen from Canada.

  6. I would imagine it is Matron. So far I have missed the odd occasion when they have been visible this far south.


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