Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Scavenger Hunt January 2011

I was fascinated by something which caught my eye on Glo's blog Porcelain Rose. Glo had found a idea / challenge on Kathy's blog Postcards From the P.P.. It was a photographic scavenger hunt with a list of twelve things to photograph.

They were, in the order they are shown in the video below:

A Stained Glass Window
A Library - our visiting library van
A Goldfish
Something reflective (not a mirror) - my garden pond
Front Door
A Tombstone over 100 years old - this one is dated 1893
Playground Equipment - at the village school
Something out of Place - my pet hate, cars on the public footpath
Nature  - Chinese Lantern Plant seed case
Abandoned Building - in my case this is the old Methodist School

All the subject were found in my own village.
I wonder what will be in the list for February.

Here you can find blogs which have taken part:


  1. What a great variety John, and very well presented.

  2. Thanks Keith. It was nice to have a photographic challenge in a dull nature month. The presentation goes a bit on the fast side for my liking. It was made with a program I haven't used before and it's a bit flaky. I'm in the process of making a second version.

  3. Terrific shots and presentation, John. It is interesting to see different parts of the world through this challenge, and to discover which photos participants chose. Your pond reflection in particular is quite beautiful, but I liked all of them.

  4. This is fun. The stained glass is a beauty. I find them impossible. The car on the pavement is great it also has my pet hate a wheely bin.

  5. THanks for
    joining.in .. it's great to see veryone's ideas. Hope it was fun`

  6. It was fun and a great idea Kathy.

  7. I like how you have presented your Scavenger Hunt photos. I do think stained-glass has to be one of my most favourite things. I haven't ever photographed a Chinese Lantern seedcase, it's fascinating. You've a very inviting front door!

  8. Superb photographic display - snap for Chinese Lantern !

  9. Yes Adrian. I wish the bin men would stop throwing the bins back in the middle of the footpath.

  10. Thank you Louise. I love old stained glass windows.

  11. I see you are finding the cure with stained glass windows Adrian. It's when the interior of the building is included that the problems start.

  12. Thank you Bad Penny. I couldn't resist the texture of the Chinese Lantern plant.


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