Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bath Day

As we had got rid of most of the cold wind and the Sun was out I decided to set up the automatic system for taking photographs of any visitors to the garden pond waterfall. Even while I was setting up the camera at the opposite end of the pond several House Sparrows carried on bathing. By previous experience I hadn't expected much but by the end of the day there were well over 600 shots to examine.  About half were consigned to Dusty Bin and many of the rest are similar but I will have a sort through tomorrow. For now I will leave you with this one:

Wash Your Ears


  1. Always a pleasure to see your Starlings. Keep you busy sorting that lot out.

  2. Thats a great shot John.
    Yes it takes some doing to keep up with thinning out photos collected. I spend a whole day sometimes deleting shots off the Mac.

  3. They are real characters Adrian.

  4. Thank you Roy. I have hundreds that need culling but the though puts me off getting started.


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