Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Extra - First Two Great Tit Chicks Hatch

When Mrs GT left the nest for a short while this morning I could only see four whole eggs and at first I thought she might have broken a couple of them. Then to my surprise I could see small  movements as one of the chicks was emerging from the egg shell. Soon there were two tiny baby Great Tits resting for a while after the exertion of breaking out of the shells.

Since then Mr GT has been very busy bringing food and they often have a tug-of-war as she tries to pull small pieces off to feed such tiny mouths. If it is too big she eats it. If small enough then the babies get fed.


  1. Absolutely brilliant news. Congratulations.

  2. How exciting John! Wonderful news :)

    I was amazed by the way mum and dad instinctively found a way of making the correct sized portions, just incredible! My goodness they are going to be kept busy now.

    I also enjoyed all the videos on the earlier part of the post. Lovely to see so much activity in your garden.

  3. I'll pass the congrats on to the happy pair Adrian. ;0

  4. Hello Jan. Ma is the sensible one - she nips out from time to time and always comes back with something small enough for little beaks to swallow. Whether intelligence or instinct it is fascinating to watch.

    Very noisy when the brat pack arrived this morning - lots of juvenile Starlings.

  5. Amazing video John.
    Like Jan says, it's incredible how instinct kicks in, and they know just what to do.

  6. Absolutely fascinating to watch them Keith. I liked the way the male hung around to watch the little one being fed.

  7. Oh, how exciting! I really enjoyed seeing the interaction between the two parents and also the first glimpse of the new little souls. I liked the fact that the dad stayed to watch the feeding too. I bet you were thrilled to bits when you realized two eggs had hatched. My favorite part still, is when all is done and she's all settled in, she tucks her head in her feathers, I'm sure with a contented sigh. She'll need plenty of rest because life is just beginning...

  8. It is fascinating to watch, Glo. Ma doesn't get much quality sleep as she is always adjusting the eggs and now has little ones shuffling about.


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