Monday, 23 May 2011

Linnet + Great Tit

While waiting for the microwave to strut its stuff I noticed a pair of birds land on the lawn. One, I assume the male, took off again almost immediately and all I got was a glimpse of some red. The female stayed for a couple of minutes helping herself to the seeds from a dandelion.



Having scoured my few bird books I am left with two possibilities. My favoured one is a Linnet with a slight possibility of it being a Twite but I think the red noticed on the male will probably cut that one out of the list.

My grateful thanks to Roy for identifying it as a female Linnet - a first for my garden.

As an extra - here is Papa (I think) Great Tit waiting for me to go away so he can take a meal to his babies in the nest box.

Great Tit


  1. Thanks for that Roy. Much appreciated. It was a pity the male didn't stay as well.

  2. Always exciting to spot a new bird or two in the garden! Perhaps the male will return for a photo, however a great shot of the female.

  3. PS Also very clear shot of Papa who does indeed seems to be waiting until you disappear!

  4. He did Glo. In fact he went back into the bushes and didn't visit the nest until I had gone away. They are always cautious not to give away the location of a nest.

  5. Well done with the Linnet John.
    Always exciting to have new visitors to the garden, and you got a cracking shot of her.

  6. Thank you Keith. I have a feeling they have been about from time to time but only for a few seconds at a time so it was great when she stayed in the open long enough for a few shots.


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