Monday, 16 May 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Yes, last week's mystery object was a bit hefty to be a fly swatter. Wilma and Keith are awarded the virtual Gold Stars this week for identifying it as a butterfly feeder. I bought it last year with the idea of tempting some flutters to stay in one place long enough to be photographed but, of course, it went on the 'Round Tuit' pile. I finally put it up when some butterflies appeared a week or so ago but haven't seen once since so maybe I bought a butterfly scarer.

Yellow Image1   Butterfly Feeder

On to this week's Guess what:

White 1

Clue: Maybe Prince Charming is sat near it in disguise.
No prizes. Just for fun.

The Great Tit family are all well with Mrs GT spending most of her time sat on her six eggs and Mr GT making frequent visits with food for her.

Hordes of Starlings are rapidly emptying the feeders each morning as they grab food to take back to their nestlings. It won't be long before the noise levels increase dramatically when they bring the fledglings

Also visiting now are fledgling Blackbirds and House Sparrows and one or more Hedgehogs visit every evening. Maybe there will be some babies in the near future. From time to time I check the camera in the Hedgehog House but there has been no sign of occupation. Once the GTs have flown the nest I will move the hog box to a more secluded spot behind the shed..


  1. I plump for a water lilly.

  2. I would say definitely a Water Lily John!

    Glad all is still well with the GT family. I just realised I had missed the previous post :( Poor Mr GT looked really perplexed when there was no one to eat the tasty titbit. He made the only decision possible, waste not want not ;) Who says animals are not capable of abstract thought?

  3. Thanks for the gold star :)

    I'm with Adrian on this; a water lilly.

  4. I guess you could have used the butterfly feeder as a fly swatter if you were desperate ;) My humour has gone a bit weird with all this @#$%#@@ rain ;)

    I will guess a water lily for this week's beautiful photo.

    Glad to hear all is going according to plan for the GTs, and interesting to read about the other garden visitors.

    Thanks for your comment re editing and posting to Blogger :)

  5. Matron doesn't do flowers because you can't eat flowers, but I think that is a beautiful water lilly. I'm still looking for that frog!

  6. yep, water lily; I'll go out on a limb and say specifically a lotus flower. beautiful photo.

    How did it get to be Wednesday already? Boy, I am way behind visiting my favorite bloggers.


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