Monday, 23 May 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

A full house last Monday with Adrian, Jan, Keith, Glo, Matron and Wilma all gaining virtual gold stars for the correct identification of a water lily. The first one to open in my pond this year.

White 1 Water Lily

I wonder if you will do as well this week:
Guess what:
Red Image1

Clue: Don't be mean with the cream.

No prizes for a correct identification. Just for fun.

All seems to be progressing well in the Great Tit nest box though it looks as if two of the eggs are not going to hatch.


  1. I know this one! because I picked my first one yesterday. The strawberry is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside! (useless fact!)

  2. A Strawberry John! They were saying on the TV the other day how early they are this year, they are in our local supermarket already. Everything is so much earlier than it should be, I have flowers going over that shouldn't even be out until the beginning of June.

    Thank you again for the treat you gave us yesterday, every time I came over for a peek it was working beautifully :)

  3. Hello Jan. I was looking this morning at a short video on the BBC site. They were showing how plants which normally bloom in June are out already. There even the brambles which should be flowering June / July were in full bloom.

    I may have another 'live' broadcast tomorrow.

  4. Has to be a Strawberry John.
    I love a few of those with my cream. :)

  5. I didn't have an idea until I read what everyone else seemed to know immediately. My streak (of three stars) is over. :-( Great shot!

  6. If this is a strawberry (my guess as well) you certainly are having an early season ~ the flowers on mine are open but that's it.


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