Monday, 9 May 2011

Macro on Monday + Nest Box Update

Virtual Gold Stars go to Wilma, Adrian and Glo for the correct identification of one of the flowers on a Cymbidium orchid which flowers well in spite of all the very sitcky blobs of sap which appear round the buds every year.

20505    Cymbidium Flower

I did think that was going to be the last macro for a while as I had run out of ideas - until I remembered something I bought last year and didn't get round to using so here is a close view of part of it:

Guess What:
Yellow Image1

Clue: You would have to be all of a flutter to use it.
No prizes for a correct identification - just for fun.

Nest Boxes

The daily increase in Great Tit eggs continues as there are now six eggs to be seen.

Day 6 - 6 eggs

As for the roosting pocket I am now sure the photo I took a while ago does not show a Wren on the nest she built. I have taken a couple more shots at different times and they all look exactly the same. What looked like the wing markings was, unfortunately, the woven straw at the back of the pocket. Neither of the Wrens have been seen for over a week now. I am not surprised that it hasn't been used. It is a very exposed position for a bird which normally sticks to the shady parts of a garden.

There is also a Robin nest box hidden in a bush in the garden which I saw had a new nest a few weeks ago. Whether it is in use I have no idea as I have kept well away from it so as not to scare off whoever built the nest.


  1. I'll go for a fly swatter.......good to see the nest is still going from strength to strength.

  2. I like Adrian's idea, but just to go for something different - a butterfly feeder?

    I hope you don't run out of ideas or interest in "Macro on Monday" - for me it is the high point of what is otherwise the dreaded first day of the work week for those of us who still have to work!


  3. What a gorgeous orchid! Yay for the star!

    Well, my first guess was a yellow sieve sand bucket scoop (didn't match the clue though)...and what would you be doing with a yellow sieve sand bucket scoop anyway ;) It looks very thick and heavy for a fly swatter...mine is rubbery. I wonder if it's something to do with butterflies?

    I'll have to do more thinking.

    SIX eggs! Good grief ... you better quickly build a second storey on top! Quite exciting, eh?

  4. Haven't a clue John! looks like politically correct Swiss cheese!

  5. I think part of a butterfly feeder too.

    That Great Tit has been a busy girl. Going to be interesting following their progress.


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