Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nest Building Obstacles

Nest Building


  1. Hello John, I just caught up with yesterday's post and was glad to see the activity.

    This one made me laugh :)

    I also just spotted your earlier reply to my comment regarding deformed beaks. I tried the link again and didn't have to sign in at all and didn't originally either. I pasted the link into the google search bar which worked fine and I tried it directly in the address bar, both ways took me to the article with no requests to sign in at all.

  2. Oh, what happy news! Even if they are squished in together, at least they're in there!

  3. Yes Keith. It show just how much bigger the Great Tit is compared with the Blue Tit.

  4. I hope she does use the nest in the end Wilma.

  5. I'll give it another go Jan. I am registered with the BTO and signed in. It says I can access any of the surveys but when I go to that one it says I am not registered.

  6. Hello Glo. She has gone back to roosting each night and adds a little more material each morning but so far the nest is otherwise empty all day.


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