Sunday, 22 May 2011

Still Two Eggs to Hatch

I had hoped to get some streaming video on the net. I set up a channel with Ustream but every time it tries to connect to my video Adobe Flash crashes, and yes, it is the latest version. I have also downloaded a free program for streaming video but have yet to find a server to connect it to. Anybody know of a good, easy, free one?

Yesterday morning a fourth egg hatched but the remaining two are still intact. Only time will tell whether they will all hatch. Here are short clips from this morning. First the male has just fed a baby, a view of the chicks and eggs and finally the female returning to the nest.

No sign of the rain I was expecting over night. On our early morning walk I noticed how many trees were beginning to shed leaves which shows just how dry it has been. The water table in my garden is usually an inch or two below the surface but yesterday it was a good six inches down. Doesn't stop the weeds from growing though!  I can see the wind is getting up - the forecasters managed to get that bit correct. It is the only time you can see Wood Pigeons flying backwards as they try to fly into the wind.

The brat pack arrive with a vengeance each morning. A couple of dozen Starlings, mainly juveniles, all screaming to be fed. I had to laugh yesterday. One of the youngsters had had such a thorough bath that it couldn't take off and this morning one was going through the motions of having a good bath but it was stood next to the water, not in it!


  1. I can't help with the video streaming I'm afraid John, but an excellent video today.
    Had heavy overnight rain here, but it soon dried in the wind.
    Starlings are such characters, and always great fun to watch.

    The Blue Tits in my garden fledged this morning; a post later. Fantastic to watch.

  2. The video streaming (lack of) is driving me up the wall Keith.

    I look forward to seeing the baby Blue Tits.

  3. Sorry John, I am no help either. I knew you were having problems as your 'Live video test 2nd attempt' which showed up on my sidebar doesn't connect. It is a great idea and I'm sure you will work it out in the end, I know you like a challenge ;)

    Great piece of video and also on yesterday's post.

    No rain here either, it is getting desperate now, I have never known it this dry at this time of year! The wind today is horrendous too.

    Glad the brat pack are keeping you entertained, sounds like fun :)

  4. No idea if it will help but I found this:

  5. Or maybe this step by step video might help:

  6. Hello Jan. I'm just trying again for the 3rd time. I have sussed that the problem is in the firewall in the router.

  7. ...I loved this video, especially how it ended with the mama settling down on the babies. Really interesting!


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