Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Aggressive Copyright Auto Detection

Today I uploaded the same video to YouTube and Photobucket. For the soundtrack I used a short piece of Ravel's Bolero. This was recorded using a MIDI file released into the public domain on a bulletin board many years ago - before the world wide web took off. This I played through my Roland keyboard which has sampled sounds of real instruments. Good as they are it is still possible to detect they are not played live by a human.

YouTube sent me a mail saying it may be copyright of EMI though it did load and display.
Photobucket refused to load and save it as it alleged it was copyright material.

Two examples where very aggressive auto detection software is being used to arbitrarily detect copyright material. I have mailed both companies and it will, possibly, be interesting to see what their responses are. 


  1. It does make me wonder how so much music gets onto YouTube.

    It will be interesting to see both their responses.

  2. Hello Keith. This happened to me once before with a piece of copyright free classical music. I think that companies like EMI have developed software to catch classical music and try to claim the copyright on it. The usual big company bullying tactics.

  3. It is also very expensive to purchase soundtracks.

  4. But you may want to use something similar to protect your material! I think the internet and overall digital revolution have brought about what is called "disruptive change" to the formerly slow moving world of copyright infringement detection. Those may have the days we remember fondly, but I sure would not want to give up the ease with which we communicate potentially <> as a means deal with the occasional bullying tactics that targeted you. Of course I say this as I am sitting safely and unbullyed; my opinion my change when I become a target...


  5. Keith: It seems to me that it is mainly classical music which is checked.

  6. Adrian: I could always offer my version to HMV for a knock down price of £150000 ;)

  7. Good points Wilma. At least YouTube give the chance to appeal against their decision. What annoyed me was Photobucket don't even give that opportunity.


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