Monday, 8 August 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Excellent - a full house last Monday with Adrian, Keith, Wilma, Matron and Glo all gaining virtual Gold Stars for identifying the Shield Bug. Congratulation to Matron for solving her first ever anagram and to Glo for further identifying it as Palomena prasina.

Page_1 Common Green Shield Bug

On to this week's creature....
Guess What:

... which shouldn't be too difficult, especially for regular readers.

Good luck. No prizes, just for fun.


  1. I'll go with Keith but know it's Bobby.

  2. Bibbity Bobbity Boo! Well, Bobby looks very sweet playing peek-a-boo!

  3. I have really enjoyed my browse of your wonderful blog discovered by viewing your comments on Keiths at Holdingmoments.

  4. Hello Andrew. Many thanks for visiting and for your kind comment.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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