Sunday, 28 August 2011

Still Squabbling

Not only was there a wasp nest under the front hedge but also one in the roof. The indoor one I knew about but as they were entering high up I didn't bother about it too much, until recently. Over the past week or so more and more wasps seemed to be finding their way down to the living area and the last straw was when one landed on Bobby and he obviously removed it with his mouth. First job late last Friday was to find a pest controller. The local council no longer provide that service and they would have shut down for a long weekend anyway. Plenty to choose from on the net so I eliminated those with non geographical phone numbers and chose one who lived a few villages away. Emailed for a price late Friday night and had a reply within the hour. Phoned Saturday morning and after arranging a Sunday morning visit he then phoned back to say he could fit me in that morning. Within the hour he was doing what was needed to eliminate both nests. Today there seems to be a very welcome absence of wasps.

Since the temperature took a tumble several days ago there have been more small birds visiting the Birdy Bistro. There just aren't enough perches and a lot of squabbling takes place. This morning there were about twenty House Sparrows competing for the six perches on the feeder. For once the Sun was shining so I was fortunate enough to take a few action shots.

Sparrow Altercation 0

Sparrow Altercation

It looks as though today will be reasonable weather so I had better get some more tidying up done in the garden as the green waste bin gets emptied tomorrow. The fat cats may well be able to laze in the sun on their yachts or be wheeler dealing on the golf course but the grafters who keep the country ticking over work on a Bank Holiday Monday.


  1. Superb shots John. Wasps are a nuisance this time of year.

  2. Glad you got the wasps sorted John. Hope Bobby's OK.

    Cracking captures of the Sparrows.

  3. Poor Bobby, wasp stings hurt like the dickens. We have a lot of yellow jacket wasps busily making ready for winter. It has been very dry, so they sip from one of the birdbaths. Fortunately, not the one the birds like best.

  4. Professional bird shots, John! Wonderful.

    Glad you had the wasps taken care of. I found a new spray can that shoots 15 feet, so I squirted the nest last night and again tonight.

  5. Thank you Adrian. Yes, wasps can be particularly fractious this time of year.

  6. Thank you Keith. Bobby is still enjoying annoying the neighbours.

  7. It think it was more a graze from the stinger, Wilma, as he recovered very fast but a great worry none the less. Here the wasps were using the garden pond.

  8. Thank you Glo.
    You are braver than I am. I preferred to spend the £50 to let the professional do the dirty deed!
    The wasps under the hedge were particularly aggressive and surrounded any vehicle which parked near the nest.


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