Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wings for Wednesday

Once again the flock of Goldfinches has increased. There can be as many as twenty arriving by 7 a.m. and by the sound of chattering in nearby trees they stay until it is time to roost for the night. Not the sharpest of photos as they were taken early one dull morning.

A mixture of ages can be seen. The youngest still have the speckling on the breast. Those slightly older have  the brownish chest tint while the adults have the red on their heads.

Goldfinches 7

Goldfinches 8

The first was enhanced using Paint Shop Pro's auto enhancement facility and the second was enhanced using the Redyamix plug in.


  1. They have done well this year.........I prefer the sharpening in the second one.

  2. Beautiful little birds and it must be so good to have that many visiting your feeders and staying around too.

  3. Hi John,
    Lovely little birds and to get such a high number is fantastic! I thought I was doing well in getting 10 visiting my garden!
    I agree with Adrian and prefer the second image.
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  4. Adrian. I did give the second one an extra sharpen as the overall picture was lacking it.

  5. Mick. It is great to see their numbers recover after two years of finch disease which was disastrous for them.

  6. John. It seems to be pot luck as to which garden they choose. I know there are others nearby with nyjer seed feeders. Mine are next to plenty of trees and bushes which give them a safe haven and somewhere to congregate.


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