Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Tray of Tree Sparrows - Bathing Blackbirds

Several of the bird species visiting the garden seem to have started trying to establish territory. I have noticed more squabbles and chases going on which is unusual during the very cold weather we are having at the moment. Fortunately the Tree Sparrows are still able to share the available food which can be seen in this clip as several feed together in the covered seed tray:

As well as finding it hard to find their natural food birds also have a hard time finding water in our below zero temperatures. They need it not only to drink but also to bathe. Usually it is the Starlings which like to splash it all over but a couple of days ago I saw several of the Blackbirds take advantage of the little waterfall on my garden pond. Fortunately the running water has not frozen unlike the bird bath which is just solid ice.

The outside temperature was +1.5C and falling fast - that is snow which can be seen in the background. The final clip is a bit grainy as the light was fading fast:

To end with - a photo taken 9.30pm last night
Second dose of the white stuff:
Snow P1030317

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you whatever the weather, wherever you are.


  1. Love the videos John, especially the Tree Sparrows.
    The birds must love your garden, it always seems so full of them.

  2. You must have all the Tree Sparrows over there John as I never see them here.

  3. I I loved seeing the Tree Sparrows, John. You are so lucky to have them, I haven't seen one for years here.

    It has been so difficult trying to keep the birdbath free of ice. Within moments of my clearing it, for the second time yesterday, there was a Robin bathing, closely followed by a queue of Blackbirds.

    Have a good weekend, stay warm.

  4. OH my, There is a mind/eye game going on in the 9:30 PM photo. It appears the from the height of the lamps and the height of the covered "tree" top, you have at least 4 to 5 feet of snow!

    Me from Minnesota
    (AND i enjoy your blog!)

  5. Thank you Keith. It sometimes amazes me just how many birds visit, even if there are few out of the ordinary types.

  6. Roy: I guess they had a good breeding season last year. I don't normally get this many.

  7. Jan: They look so much neater and behave better than the House Sparrows. I am lucky that the running water on the pond rarely freezes.
    I always keep this room at a good cosy temperature.

  8. Thank you Anon. The perspective is fooling you - the path lanterns are only 2 feet high and the 'tree' is a bush.


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