Monday, 6 February 2012

Macro on Monday - Guess What + Fieldfare

No fooling some people - so congratulations and  gold star to Keith, Wilma, Glo, John and Jan who all correctly identified the Comma Butterfly last Monday.

IMG_0024 copy    Image2r

On to this week's macro photograph (taken last week)
Guess What:
IMG_0152 copy

I thought it was a year since I last spotted a Fieldfare but searching through my blog it was in fact two years ago when a flock visited the village. (see HERE).  This morning there was a fleeting visit to a tree just past the end of my garden. I tried to will them to come down in my garden but after a short stay they flew off together.

Just a rather grainy record shot of a few of them:
Fieldfare 3622

Later on I will have a walk down the lane to where I know there are lots of windfall apples which is what attracted them last time.

Senior Moment
Just to let Adrian know that he is not alone. This morning I searched high and low for my favourite mug I always use for a decent size cuppa. It was only when I looked in the microwave that I found it, full of cold tea left over from last night when I had put it there to reheat.


  1. Hi John,
    Is it a cactus bud?
    Always nice to see Fielfare, lovely birds!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  2. Horse chestnut bud.
    I'm glad I'm not alone.

  3. Oh dear! I just lost my entire comment :-( I wanted to check something on your previous post after I had written it so copied it and when I returned to the comment box it wouldn't paste! I do find the embedded comment box is a devil for editing of any kind. Oh well, I'll start again :-)

    I think your mystery object this week is a Hazel bud just coming out.

    Well done with the Fieldfares. It seems to me to be a good year for them, I haven't seen any in the garden this time so far but there seem to be plenty when I am on walks. I have put some apples out with the bird food so perhaps they will visit. I hope you see yours again soon.

    It was lovely to see Bobby looking so dapper on the previous post and that was a stunning photo of the Sparrowhawk... poor Blackbird...

  4. Jan: Just to let you know that your 2nd attempt arrived OK, along with those from John and Adrian. sorry you had problems with copy and paste. There seem to be several different comment forms on different blogs - very confusing at times.

    Bobby's coat looks better in the photo that real life as it is several years old and has had a lot of use but it still keeps him cosy.

    No Fieldfare spotted on our afternoon walk. All the windfall apples have gone - probably the Blackbirds have already scoffed them.

  5. Magnificent spring buds waiting to open and dazzle us all.

    Me in Minnesota

  6. Well I saw my first Fieldfare today.. in the London suburbs! managed to get a snap!

  7. Matron: Great. It is always nice to spot a new feathered visitor.


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