Monday, 27 February 2012

Macro on Monday - Guess What + a Round Tuit Finished

Brilliant. A full house last week with Jan, Wilma, Keith and Adrian gaining my congratulations and the   gold star   for correctly identifying the ladybird / lady bug.

IMG_0186 glowing edges filter IMG_0186 Ladybird

I wonder how people will get on with this week's mystery photo. This is the first time for many months that I have used stacked photos and had nearly forgotten how to do it. 14 stacked photos processed using CombineZP.
Guess What:

Got Round Tuit
Quite some time ago, while in Heath Robinson mode, I built a little gizmo for animating a 3D object. Yesterday I got round to finishing the project which consists of an Arduino programmable 'computer' driving a stepper motor. The object is turned 1/48th of a turn and a still photo taken, repeated 49 times. The resulting stills were reduced to 1/4 original size as a batch using IrfanView. Those were processed as a video file using PhotoLapse 3 and that video repeated 8 times in Corel Video Studio Pro X4 to make this final video file of a small pine cone:

The setup is shown below.
A Canon 350D with LED ring flash on the left, electronics gizmo on the right:


  1. Great video. Glad you got it sorted.
    I'm going for a pipe cleaner.

  2. I think it may be flower stamens. Possibly (thinking seasonally) those of a Crocus but I could be way off beam.

    Well done with the cone video John, very clever. I wouldn't have had a clue how to do that.

  3. I'm stumped this week. Only thing I can think of is the stamen of a flower. Crocus, maybe?

  4. crocus pistil. beautiful image.
    Also - the pine cone 3D is very cool!


  5. Ahhh ... the techno genius at work again.

  6. Is it the middle of a crocus?

  7. My guess for your Monday macro is the orange stigmas etc. in the centre of a crocus flower. Loved the twirling pine cone!


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