Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Moon and a Confrontation.

Last night with a clear sky and the temperature down to -4C I decided it was an ideal time to have another session photographing the Moon. This was the best of the batch:

Canon 50D  400mm 1/500sec f7.1 ISO500 cropped

Earlier, just as the light was beginning to fade, I had topped up the bird feeders and scattered some seed and suet pellets on the ground ready for the early birds the next morning. As has happened in the past a few birds were obviously watching from a nearby vantage point as it wasn't long before some Blackbirds and one lone Starling descended for a late snack. What caught my attention was a confrontation between a Blackbird and the Starling. The Blackbird was scolding the Starling and occasionally running straight towards it trying to scare it away.. The Starling stood bolt upright, still as a statue, not moving until it found an opportunity to grab a suet stick and fly off with it.


It was so funny to watch as the Starling stayed absolutely still even when the Blackbird flew straight at it. Almost good enough for a caption competition.


  1. Lovely photo of the moon John, you can just see `The man in the moon`! ;)
    We have had a few quarrels breaking out in the back garden, but mostly it is just confined to Blackbirds bickering amongst themselves!
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  2. You have excelled today....the moon is stunning.
    That starling is just great.

  3. Stunning Moon photo, John!

    The confrontation between the Blackbird and the Starling is so funny. It's not often you see a Starling being intimidated.

  4. Great shot of the moon John; but that Starling wins the day for me. Excellent capture.
    He must be well 'ard! lol

  5. what a great story about the blackbird and starling. I think "Feeder Rage" would be a good caption.

  6. Thank you John. The Blackbirds seem to spend more time chasing each other than they do eating.

  7. Thank you Jan. Starlings do seem to be the bruisers of the bird kingdom.

  8. Thank you Keith. It was the perfect vision of 'stand your ground and stare out the opposition'.

  9. Feeder Rage would be a good title Wilma.


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