Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow For Sunday + Sparrowhawk

For once the weather forecasters weren't telling porkies. So often they get it wrong for the coastal part of Lincolnshire. The forecast was for up to four inches of snow arriving after dusk. It started at 6pm and was still going strong when I retired for the night. Along with the snow was a brisk breeze so it was no surprise this morning to wake up to a good layer of snow, mainly around 3 to 4 inches deep. Some areas with just a dusting and others well over a foot deep where it had drifted.

This is Bobby photographed yesterday sporting his padded Winter coat:


The view from my front door this morning:


Just a few of the many birds in the back garden digging in the snow to find the buried seed and suet pellets.


We went for our usual walk round the block this morning. The going was very slow as there were drifts at every entrance to a property where the wind had piled the snow.

It was inevitable that with so many Blackbirds visiting the garden and kicking up such a row as they squabble that it would catch the attention of a Sparrowhawk. I had already seen it make a couple of unsuccessful attempts but on a return visit it managed to catch one:

  Sparrowhawk with Blackbird


  1. A posh jacket and a proud sparrow hawk. Glad you got some snow.

  2. Sad to see the demise of a Blackbird, but a Sparrowhawk has to live.
    Great capture of him John.

  3. An amazing sparrowhawk picture! The reflected light from the snow just makes perfect conditions for photography. Great to see Bobby out and about, Lurchers really do need an extra layer!

  4. Don't mind looking at the snow Adrian but this powdery stuff if pure murder to walk on.

  5. It's a good job there are lots of Blackbirds around here Keith. The Sparrowhawk was back again this morning. One consequence of a large gathering of smaller birds.

  6. It was very close Matron so I couldn't miss the opportunity for a shot or two.

    Yes, sighthounds don't have any excess fat. Bobby always has ribs showing no matter how much he eats. It did concern me when I first got him but the vet told me that is normal for the breed.


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