Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wings on Wednesday - Robin.

Glancing out of the kitchen window this morning I am pretty sure I saw one Robin feeding another. They were right down the bottom of the garden and it was a brief episode. One Robin had taken a seed from the bird table and flew across to the other and appeared to pass it to the other. I have seen this activity once a few years ago, though later in the year. It is part of the bonding routine for Robins where the male will feed the female.

This grainy photo was taken a few days ago. It is always difficult to photograph Robins here as, unlike most, they are very shy or wary and don't stay in view for very long.
Robin IMG_3468

Snow can be a hazard to ones health. I had booked Bobby to see the vet yesterday, just for a general check up. Last Saturday night's snow had deposited a drift over 15 inches deep across the middle of my drive so I spent a couple of days digging it out. The result was a clear drive but a ricked back so I couldn't drive and had to cancel his appointment. I see there is the possibility of another 10cm of snow over the coming days. This time it can stay until it melts!


  1. Lovely to see the Robin, John. I hope they don't breed too soon, this weather won't do them any favours.

    Sorry to hear about the back... ouch!!! Hope it improves very soon.

  2. Jan: I think they were just getting to know each other. As you say it is far too early to think of nesting yet.
    The back is improving - much better today. I must get a longer shovel, then I wouldn't have to bend all the time.

  3. You've certainly had a lot of snow John.
    Good to hear your back is improving.

  4. From someone who knows what a bad back is all about... do take care with can be quite helpful but I'm guessing you'll still have plenty available :-) Lovely to see the Robin on your feeder... quite a lot more birds around with all the cold weather which is nice to see... take care Miranda

  5. Jan: It is rare to see one in my garden though I am sure they are always about nearby.

  6. I've had as much as I want Keith. The sooner it melts, the netter.

  7. Miranda. The back is almost recovered, just first thing in the morning when it complains.


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