Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Word Verification Too Far + Unwelcome Visitor

I noticed Keith's mention of the new word verification being introduced by Blogger just after I had battled with it on a couple of sites. Talk about Over The Top! The old system could be difficult to read at times but the new one is awful, stupidly complex, a real bug bear when you read and want to comment on several blogs. What should be a pleasant pastime becomes a chore.


I found a link on Keith's blog to Theresa's blog post HERE where she puts a point of view I entirely agree with and an explanation of how to set up Blogger to remove word verification. I ditched it some time ago though I do use comment moderation to filter out the occasional comments which are really just advertising or irrelevant to my topics.

If you come across one of the modern word verification monstrosities and what you are presented with is  unreadable, click on the circular arrow nearby which keeps changing what is offered. I had to do this several times before finding one which was easily readable on a blog where I wanted to ask for some information.

I think there will be a steady build up of protests in the Blogger Feature Suggestions and Feedback section of Blogger Forums which can be found HERE.

Unwelcome Visitor
Yes, I know Sparrowhawks have to eat but there are times I wish they would look somewhere else. I had just transferred some video clips to the PC and was mounting the camcorder back on its tripod when I spotted this Sparrowhawk sat on top of the Birdy Bistro. Most of the feeders hang below the wood it is standing on.

It looks as though it was unsuccessful this time, in my garden anyway, and took off when another bird made a sound and gave away its position.


  1. It seems that Blogger are introducing change for changes sake. I like it as it is.

  2. I switched off word verification some time ago John, it's bad enough on a PC, it's impossible on a mobile. I just have email notification and that's enough for me. Great video by the way, however unwelcome.

  3. Adrian: Like Ed Reardon (BBC4 Extra) I feel the world is run by 14yr olds who have no practical experience of actually using things, just brains full of fancy ideas.

    1. John, I have been told it's something to do with digitising E-books. They apparently can't read scans of old books so are getting us to do it for them.

  4. I hadn't thought of what it must look like on a small screen Paul. Impossible to decipher I should think. I found the audio alternative even worse than the visual.

  5. Hi John, for some reason I just have a large blank space where there should apparently be a photo or video of the Sparrowhawk. I am on the iPad so will try later on the laptop but it is how I usually view your site these days and I have never had any problems before.

    You know my views on the new word verification so I won't repeat them but I do hope the protests gather pace. I too tried the audio version and frankly thought they were having a laugh, I even thought perhaps we had somehow jumped forward to April 1st....

  6. Jan: I wonder if the problem is caused by that video clip being on Flickr and not YouTube? Yes, it is! I get the same result as you using Safari on the iPad but it works using the Puffin browser. Flickr uses shockwave flash for their videos and Safari can't handle them but Puffin can.
    I have uploaded a copy to YouTube and changed them over. Now it might be working on the iPad OK though my iPad1 shows a black rectangle and only gives the sound in Safari but in Puffin everything works perfectly. I wonder which browser you are using.

    Thanks for the info

  7. Thanks John, Mine is iPad 2 and the video is fine now. I use Safari. I sometimes get sound only on Keith's site but refreshing the page usually does the job.

    Good capture! Sparrowhawks are one bird I don't like to see in the garden too often :-)

  8. This Word Verification is a real pain. I've said before, that I'm sure they are trying to kill of blogger with these changes. It would be a real shame if that happens.
    I must admit to loving Sparrowhawks lol
    And Jan, sorry you get lumbered with just sound sometimes :-)

  9. Keith. The problem on the iPad is that Apple refused to install the code for watching any Adobe Flash videos. Don't you just love it when these big guys throw their dummies out of the pram? They are so obsessed with maximising profit they don't care about the people who buy their stuff and generate that profit.

  10. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for spreading the word!!! really appreciate it!!!

    and that sparrowhawk was beautiful, even if he was predatory! :)

  11. My pleasure TexWisGirl. I haven't seen a single person say they like the new system of word verification. Some heads need banging together at Bodger, whoops - Blogger HQ.

    I don't mind the Sparrowhawk coming occasionally, they are beautiful.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.


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