Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday at the Flicks - Collared Dove + Safe Cage

A while ago some Wood Pigeons found they could scrape through a gap through the wire mesh to feed on the Bird Table so I made the gap smaller. It didn't take the Collared Doves long to work out that the gap was still large enough for them to gain access.

About two years ago I looked at the commercial ground cages which allow smaller birds to feed but keep out the larger ones. I decided to throw together my own version but the birds didn't take to it when it was on the ground. A few days ago I decided to give it another try out. This time it is about a yard above ground and next to bushes.


It took a very short time for a Chaffinch to investigate and it has been constantly visited since.

Next job, if it ever stops raining, (10 continuous days with rain so far) is to rebuild it to fit the size and shape of the plastic tray which should raise the base where the camera can get a better view of the visitors. So far only finch size birds have entered, usually in the side and out through the top. Wood Pigeons have tried to get their heads in but the food is in the middle. At last the small ground feeders can get their share of the food in peace.

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  1. It seems to be working well John. I have an army of Feral Pigeons hogging the food at the moment, they are good vacuum cleaners though :-) Having said that, the Sparrowhawk which spent nearly an hour devouring a Blackbird on the grass this morning will probably have put all the birds off dining in my garden for a while!


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