Monday, 16 April 2012

Macro on Monday - Guess What + A Pleasant Visit

Even later this week. I must admit I am feeling a bit on the 'stale' side at the moment when it comes to blogging and I'm days behind on viewing others.
Anyway on with t' show. Only one correct identification to last week's puzzle picture so my congratulations and the    gold star    go to Keith who sussed out it was the end piece of a windmill sail.

1234    Alford 5 sail windmill

In fact it was part of the five sail windmill in Alford, Lincolnshire. You can read about it on Wikipedia or on the official Alford Windmill site. The official site doesn't work for me in Firefox but does work perfectly in Opera.

On to this week's puzzle picture taken a couple of days ago
Guess What:
Clue: A bit of a thorny subject.

No prizes for a correct guess - just for fun.

A Pleasant Visit

Early last week I had an email from Matron (Down on the Allotment) to let me know she was making one of her visits up to Lincolnshire. It was arranged for her to pop over to say hello over a cuppa. A pleasant meeting and exchange of gifts took place and it was really great to put a face to the blog I have been reading for quite some time.
Matron brought
for us (the first policeman I have seen for over five years) and
for Bobby.

To see what Bobby sent for Matron's dog, Leo, have a look at Down on the Allotment.


  1. Oh dear! I thought I had entered last week, I did mean to. I'll get this one in nice and early :-) I would say that is Blackthorn blossom and a very nice photo it is too!

    I think we all get the blogging blues occasionally John, I know I do. Maybe you'll get something unusual drop into the garden with all the Spring migrants around, that would get the enthusiasm going again. A bit more nice weather might help too :-)

    Anyway, it sounds like you and Bobby had a very enjoyable time with your visitor. I'm sure you both enjoyed your presents too :-)

  2. Thanks John :-)

    This week I'm thinking maybe Blackthorn?

    Looks like treats all round from Matrons visit.
    Always good to put a face to the blog.

  3. An enjoyable visit indeed. I did buy a bag of organic stoneground strong flour from the Alford mill in a farm shop just as I was leaving Lincolnshire! Inspired by the Hairy Bikers to go and bake some bread!

    1. Bobby did get round to scoffing the Sea Jerky Tiddlers a couple of days later.
      I sometimes think of buying a bread maker but as I don't eat much I need one which makes 1/4 size loaves.


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