Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nest Building GT Style

Mrs Great Tit has been working exceptionally hard these past two days fetching material for her nest. I don't think it will be long before it is completed. This from this morning, several visits with the gaps removed but otherwise at normal speed:  (silent)


  1. I have to admit, I feel a bit uncomfortable "peeping" at Ms. GT. However, I so enjoy her stretching up to peek out at the world from her 2012 home, then turning and pushing down that mat of vegetation with her breast, vibrating her wings to make it just so.

    Me in Minnesota

    1. After watching all last season I have got used to having the video feed from the camera. I hope all goes as well as it did then.

  2. Hi John, I have just caught up with your recent posts and great videos. Mrs GT is a very pernickety housewife and I suspect will be an excellent mother.

    A really wonderful capture (no pun intended!) of the Sparrow Hawk, I admit to not watching the video though, I think it might have been just a bit too gruesome for me, poor old Starling, but of course they do have to eat too.

    Did you know there is some rather odd sound in the background on the video in this post, some interference maybe?

    1. I put a link instead of embedding the Sparrowhawk video as it is not everyones cup of tea Jan.

      I had to turn the sound right up here to see what you meant. I think it was the PC microphone picking up my radio in the background as I forgot about it.


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