Saturday, 4 January 2014

Not All Bad

While much of the West and South of the British Isles was suffering with flooding from exceptionally high tides and gale force winds here on the Eastern side of the country it was quite a pleasant day though with cold blustery winds from time to time. It wasn't until nearly Sunset that clouds started to roll across the county.

These photos were taken looking across to the Lincolnshire Wolds as we made our way back home from a visit to the vet:



Once again Penny is suffering with problems with her teeth so she will be back at the vets next week for some more treatment. It can be a regular problem with retired racing greyhounds.


  1. Poor dog. She will be getting used to the vet now. Expensive things are vets.

    1. Adrian: As long as it means a ride in the car Penny will go anywhere. Costs not too horrendous, only charged for medication yesterday and not for the consultation.

  2. Lovely sunset captures! Sorry to hear Penny has to have work done, but great that she enjoys a ride in the car ~

  3. In between showers here in London we have also had some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Leo sends his love to Penny. Happy New Year John!


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