Monday, 13 January 2014

The Return of Mr P?

Of course this may not be the same pheasant which visited a few times last year. He was doing a grand job of clearing up the seeds scattered by the smaller birds. It must have stayed well over half an hour which gave plenty of time for some still and video shots:

Pheasant IMG_0490

Pheasant IMG_0478

Pheasant IMG_0475

Pheasant IMG_0517

Pheasant and Blackbird - which gives a good idea of their relative sizes:

Pheasant and Blackbird IMG_0509

Finally some silent video, shot hand held with the Canon 70D fitted with 100-400mm zoom lens:


  1. Beautiful images of a very attractive if rather stupid bird.

    1. Especially when they keep changing their mind when crossing the road Adrian.

    2. Expensive birds they are. Cost me a new wing mirror last year, not cheap are mirrors.

  2. He sure brought a lot of color to your garden!

    1. Must be one of my most colourful visitors Wilma.

  3. Replies
    1. TWG. Lucky, yes, as they normally stay around the fields.


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