Sunday, 25 May 2014

Indoor Orchids

How time flies. It's about two months since I mentioned I was returning to growing orchids indoors after a break of over a decade. I bought a vivarium / terrarium to house miniature orchids and built a top to hold the lighting which would be needed:

DSCN2586 Orchid Terrarium

All the lighting is LED which keeps the buying and running cost down and are very cool running so I don't have to worry about overheating. The lid is deep enough that the lamps cannot be seen directly. There is a mesh strip built in the front of the case, just below the glass doors and an added computer fan at the top gives some needed air movement.

DSCN2572 Orchid Lighting

Three large lamps give strong red and blue light needed for growth and flowering. Two small white lamps for evening viewing and the blue strip gives a pleasant moonlight effect at night.

Centre and left are miniature Phalaenopsis which I purchased in flower and on the right a Disa Unifoam which has grown and just started flowering in the terrarium:

DSCN2717 Orchids

DSCN2716 Orchids

DSCN2715 Phalaenopsis     DSCN2713 Disa Unifoam

The fun is now bringing on the other plants to flowering condition. They are sprayed each morning with a fine mist of rain water and the pots watered as needed.


  1. Replies
    1. TWG. There is such a variety to choose from.

  2. great hobby to enjoy, John. You have done a wonderful job. Dennis, my husband, plans to start cultivating native and imported orchids here. I am looking forward to the rewards of his efforts. ;-)

    1. Wilma. I used to really enjoy watching them. I look forward to seeing your native orchids.

  3. This is impressive. What a great show.

    1. Adrian. I have quite a few now. Just hoping I can encourage them all to flower.


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