Friday, 23 May 2014

Weather Station

My old weather station had been failing for several months, first the rain gauge failed, then the anemometer jammed and finally the wireless reception became intermittent. So I finally made my mind up to replace it. My final choice was the Oregon Scientific WRM180. Production of this model seems to have ceased so the selling price of the remaining stock had rocketed down from £199.99 to £99.99 on Amazon UK. The main part arrived Wednesday so I wound the mast over and spent the afternoon dismantling the old one and setting up the new. The final part, a UV monitor, arrived yesterday to complete my set up:

Wireless receiver and display

Wireless USB connection to the computer

Mast mounted anemometer, wind vane, outdoor temperature and humidity
monitors with solar panel to save battery use in daylight

Rain gauge and UV monitor on greenhouse

It is provided with a copy of Virtual Weather Station for Windozy

It took a while to get everything to communicate properly but all seems to be running smoothly at the moment, just in time to test the rain gauge last night as stormy weather passed through kindy providing me with an extra temporary pond in the back garden:



  1. This looks a real bargain. When i got mine from Maplin it was £40.00p. Their station at £100.00p has a windvane and a computer link but no UV and no solar panel. I didn't want a wind vane as calibrating every time I move the van would be a pain. You look to have a real bargain.

    1. Adrian. I'm finding some disadvantages with it. For one it doesn't have a built in data logger to store readings when not connected to the computer. The UV sensor was extra.

  2. Very impressive piece of kit John.
    So, will you be on TV doing the weather soon? ;-)

    1. Ha ha Keith. Maybe I could be a accurate as Michael Fish ;)


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