Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Covenham Reservoir - Part 2 - Sailing

At one end of the reservoir is the watersports centre:


People were just beginning to manoeuvre their boats down the slipway:



Getting ready for an afternoons sailing:


Rising well above the height of the reservoir one of many wind generator farms in this part of Lincolnshire can be seen:


Along with the occasional solo generator:


A bit of video - somewhat jerky in places as it was hand held and I really should have switched off the Nikon's in camera anti shake facility. It's fine for stills but when things are moving across the view in a video it keeps trying to keep what it assumes is the main subject in the same position:

There are quite a few rules for those taking part in activities on the reservoir. Certain places for different activities and a 'forbidden zone' in one corner for wildlife. One main rule is - no one is allowed on the water unless the rescue boat is available and manned:


My one disappointment was a lack of wind surfers. For this spectator they make for more entertainment, especially when they are learning or trying out a new manoeuvre. This is the first time they have been missing when I have visited.


  1. The video looks pretty good. I don't even attempt to hand hold the DSLR.

  2. Adrian: Same here. It's impossible with the weight of the Canon. A pocket sized Nikon is easier, just ialmost mpossible to see the screen in bright Sunlight so I did three or four point and hope sessions.

    1. couldn't you make a little cardboard hood to go around the screen?

    2. Adrian: I'll have a thunk about that idea.

  3. I love little sailing boats like that. If I was in one I'd be underwater in seconds.

    1. SDT: The same would happen to me - or a cracking headache from a boom.


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