Saturday, 22 August 2015

Harrowing Time

Yesterday I decided we would have a look at the field which was being combined a short while ago. I had expected to see it ploughed so was quite surprised to see that the straw had all been removed but the stubble was still showing:


A closer look saw there was activity on the far side of the field.
A disc harrow with a hazy view of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the background:




Notice the road wheels above the harrow. Once the whole thing is rotated 180 degrees they enable it to be driven on roads without damaging the surface. Also the discs can usually be raised to a vertical position to take up less width on our narrow country lanes.

A short bit of iffy video hand held in one hand at full zoom:

A bit of nonsense playing with a cinemagraph type program.
Resolution is poor as the program doesn't save unless I pay about £100 so I took a GIF screen grab. If in b/w it would look like something from a silent comedy movie.

Bouncy Tractor photo Bouncy Tractor.gif

I don't remember seeing harrowing before ploughing, assuming it will be ploughed soon.


  1. One of the best Gifs or cinemagraphs I've seen
    I suspect they won't plough but just air drill...Don't know why the harrowed.

  2. Adrian: Harrowing might be to break up the stubble before its ploughed in. I noticed the field behind this one had been ploughed.

  3. Lincolnshire farming; cabbages, cabbages, and more cabbages. I remember thinking that each square metre of ground contained more cabbages than I'd eat in a life time

  4. farm machinery has come a long way!

  5. Farmer is out at present so I can't ask him but I have a feeling that they don't always plough these days John, that they disc harrow and then seed. I shall ask him when he comes in.


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