Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Tuesday Was A Complete Washout

Yesterday it rained, and it rained, and it ........  Never really heavy, sometimes so fine it couldn't be seen but still soaked clothes in a short time. (Time scale on the graphs is from midnight to midnight):

Rain 180805

The people who have installed solar panels around the village won't have been getting a great deal of use from them either. A Sunny day will give around 1000 watts per square metre:

Sun 180805

Still overcast this morning but hopefully we will get back to blue skies later in the day.


  1. Much the same here.............horrid.

  2. Got out for a run in the evening, complete with a glorious sunset, and common carder bees were busy as anything on the lavender, while other bees had given up

  3. Quite right about there not being any large quantity of rain John - we measure it and we only had 5mm in spite of rain of one kind or another all day. But as David has hay down, anu quantity is too much. Fine and breezy today but rain forecast again for tonight.

  4. The line of rain clouds appear to have hung over this are down the East most of today as well John. Hot and humid at the weekend though.


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