Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Two Way Clouds - Timelapse Video

Monday morning started with some interesting cirrus cloud formations:


Later on I set the Toshiba on my sturdy tripod in the back garden:


A bit of overkill with such a tiny camera on that tripod!

As before I set the Toshiba to take one picture every 5 seconds until the battery ran flat. This time it took 1126 photos which were downloaded to the MacBook, processed as a video in the free Mac app Zeitraffer and then cropped and title added in iMovie.

Cirrus moving northwards and Cumulus moving southwards:

I always find it fascinating the way the winds at different levels can blow in different directions. That can be seen clearly in this video. There is some flicker as the exposure is automatic and can change from photo to photo.

Soundtrack is royalty free music 'Slow Dissolve' from Purple Planet.

The Met Office have a useful pdf file for identifying cloud types HERE.


  1. The flicker isn't too bad here. I have tried lots of ways of getting rid of it and think the only way is AfterEffects or something equally high priced. Time lapse is much better for having music.

  2. Adrian: Yes, the flicker is pretty minimal, mainly when there are few clouds. I do like the wide angle view for this type of shot. I agree about adding a soundtrack. Sometimes I forget or just get impatient.


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