Sunday, 27 December 2015

UK Floods, Boxing Day 2015

For many, especially those in the north of England, it has not been a happy Christmas. Some areas are flooded for the third time this month. This snapshot from the Environment Agency gives an idea of what things are like in England and Wales. (Scotland has a separate warning system):

England and Wales Flooding Boxing Day 2015

There are three levels of flood warnings.
amber - flood alert (be prepared for possible flooding)
red with black icon - flood warning (flooding expected, immediate action required)
red with red icon - severe flood warning (severe flooding, danger to life)

Several areas have had a month's rain in a day. With the ground already saturated from previous rainfall it is flowing straight in to the rivers, some of which are at their highest ever recorded levels.

Fortunately for me where I live is marked with the arrow I added to the map.


  1. Unfortunately John, where we live is slap-bang in the middle of all those red triangles! But sun shining this morning.

  2. Glad you are not flooded John! And Weaver - I do hope you are dry too.

  3. we have flooding in ne texas, too. the tornadoes that ran through last night caused heavy destruction and 11 deaths nearby, and floods and deaths in the midwestern US too. very sad weather extremes.


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