Thursday, 9 June 2016

Another Look at that 295ft Spire

Today, Thursday, I had occasion to visit Louth again. While there I attempted to photograph the parish church, St James, with its towering spire.

A first view from near the car park. About the most that can be seen from most of the town:


A slightly closer look at the top of the tower. There was a time when the tower was open for visitors the climb, inside I hasten to add, on just one or two days each year. I must find out whether this is still possible. Many years ago I made the journey up countless steps on the spiral staircase coming out at the point where the square tower changes to the spire, between those flying buttresses which add stability to the stone spire:



Even at over 200 feet up in the air care was lavished by those medieval stone masons to embellish everything:


Walking to the only part of Louth where full views can be seen:

St James' Church, Louth Lincolnshire

The nave with its side isles:

St James' Church, Louth Lincolnshire


The enormous east window:


A few of the many gargoyles and grotesques:



Even at the end of the stone arch over a circular window:


For historical information look at the inspIre500 site HERE.

The reason for building the tower and spire so tall was to enable the church, which is in a valley, to be seen from surrounding villages
The view I get from my village which is about four miles away:



  1. like many others of it's time is very impressive. I often marvel at the shear amount of detail and the problems the masons solved constructing a building like this.

  2. A very interesting post and photos. As Adrian says the construction of these churches is something to marvel at. Love the grotesques and gargoyles and I would imagine the views from the top of the tower are superb.

  3. Adrian & RR: Medieval structures are amazing. I am quite sure such modern monstrosities as the shard and the gherkin will not last for 500 years. Probably a good job they won't.

    RR: The views down on the town are superb and views from the one in Boston, the stump, are excellent also. I must try to fins some of the photos I took years ago.


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